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Aerde Berlin

Located at the picturesque Flaschenhalspark, the former site of Lok 6, Aerde is a culinary sanctuary evolving the essence of farm-to-table cuisine with a fresh, modern outlook. The kitchen, led by Igor Kazakov, formerly the Sous-Chef at the distinguished Cordo, and the creative vision of Justus Will, who shifted from being a professional football agent to the culinary world, manifest a culinary experience that is immediate, intelligent, and delicious.

Aerde Berlin snack

The dishes, such as a harmonious blend of potatoes, wild garlic, and fermented garlic, are a tribute to immediate deliciousness, product proximity, and precise culinary craftsmanship, all served amidst one of Berlin’s most breathtaking sunsets over Flaschenhalspark.

Aerde emerges as a beacon of culinary innovation in Berlin, impressing with its clever and direct approach to cuisine, focusing intensely on taste and quality. Igor Kazakov masterfully transforms high-quality, pure ingredients into distinctive creations with minimal interventions.

The culinary journey continues with dishes like the char with wild horseradish, each being a symphony of flavors presented in an

atmospheric ambiance enriched by the warm sunsets over the park and a familial atmosphere.

A visit to Aerde is not just a culinary journey but also an atmospheric one, where guests can enjoy unparalleled charm and exceptional wines, carefully selected by Hillevi Hövelmann and Hannes Meier.

Aerde is more than just a restaurant; it's a place where the idea of closeness to nature and the product is tangible in every detail. It’s a culinary oasis in the midst of bustling Berlin, inviting us to rediscover and relish the art of eating.

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