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The Coccodrillo

“Coccodrillo,” is located in the heart of Berlin-Mitte’s scenic Weinbergspark. From the very first glance, the striking white and red letters spelling “Sexy” and “Wild” at its mast promise a unique adventure.

Unique Ambiance:

The interior of Coccodrillo is immersed in an audacious red color scheme and presents an extraordinary design that immediately captivates your senses.

But this restaurant is not just about its flashy name and chic décor; it is a culinary haven offering authentic Italian cuisine, leaving your palate yearning for more.

Authentic Italian Cuisine:

The “Rocket Menu,” as they call it, is a concoction of both traditional and unconventional Italian dishes, emphasizing fresh ingredients and top-quality products. The sourced products from over 180 small producers across Italy and Germany underline the commitment to authenticity and quality. Here, Fabio Fisicaro, a native Sicilian and the head chef, along with his “Big Squadra” of 27 young chefs, craft a unique menu ranging from Antipasti to sweet dishes, each dish a testimony to genuine Italian flavors.

Delightful Dishes:

Each dish is a piece of art, whether it’s the crispy “Ciao Calzoncini,” the daily fresh pasta like the popular “Ravioli ai tre formaggi,” or the unique spaghetti creation “Black Mamba.” The pizzas, prepared in Neapolitan style, are another highlight, with options like the exquisite “Pizza Yung Truffle” and the vegan “Veggie Hadid,” each offering a distinct taste profile. The grill specialties and the decadent desserts complete the extravagant culinary journey.

Beyond Dinner:

Coccodrillo also opens its doors for brunch enthusiasts every weekend, featuring all-time favorites from Pancakes to mixed platters with Prosciutto and fresh Mozzarella di Bufala. The diverse drink menu, including classic cocktails and high-quality wines, enhances the overall dining experience, promising something for everyone.

Out of this World Design:

The vivid and eccentric interior, envisioned by London-based “Studio Kiki,” is reminiscent of 60’s Northern Italy with a touch of Space Age, creating an unparalleled atmosphere. Every corner of the restaurant, even the journey to the restroom, is a voyage into another world, enveloped in glowing neon designs and numerous mirrors. The terrace offers a serene view of the park, allowing guests to dine under the strings of fairy lights, adding to the enchanting experience.


The culinary exploration at Coccodrillo is more than just a meal; it’s a symphony of flavors and styles, a manifestation of the warmth and generosity of traditional Italian trattorias, combined with an extraordinary design, creating unforgettable moments. Whether it’s the outlandish interior, the savory dishes, or the enticing drinks, Coccodrillo stands as a testament to authentic Italian culinary arts and an emblem of contemporary luxury dining. From the vivid interiors to the rich, authentic flavors, Coccodrillo is indeed a harmonious blend of extravagance and tradition, making every visit a unique culinary adventure.


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